Riese Design offers a full range of services for all of your interior design needs, from new construction to décor services to Remote Design.

Interior Architectural Design

"The initial design or later redesign for reuse of a building's shell." This is where beautiful elements come into play such as custom built-ins, ceiling design, luxurious stairways, and entryways. Full interior design services are provided, including design concept, design development, material procurement, and implementation of a project.

Space Planning & Measurement

For new or existing construction, parameters are taken into consideration to allocate designated areas, define construction patterns, and develop plans and layouts for furniture and/or equipment placement.

Furniture Selection & Modification

Riese Design will either purchase new or used, or keep existing furniture as part of the scope of the project. The beauty of designing is being able to modify pieces to give clients a custom look if the situation/project calls for it.

Project Management

Riese Design will efficiently deliver projects and oversee all activity between conception and completion. Riese Design will be rigid yet flexible for unexpected events so as to produce a successful outcome at the end of a project. Responsibilities include project coordination encompassing purchasing, scheduling, and tracking delivery of material, as well as managing schedule of work, sourcing furniture, accessories, appliances, and receiving estimates. Riese Design will be on site regularly to ensure respective tradespeople remain on schedule and communicate effectively.

Contractor Selection

Riese Design is able to recommend and help clients select contractors with the idea of ease and comfort in having a say as to whom is working in their home.

Décor Services

Complete remodels are not always necessary. Some spaces simply need a lift and breath of fresh air to flow through it again. Perhaps color balancing, window treatments, installing new lighting, and appropriately placing furnishings is all that is needed. 

Personal Shopping/Buying Services

This service is ideal for clients who may not necessarily be interested in full design services, but would like to purchase trade-only goods that are not otherwise available to the public. These items are of high quality and custom, such as window treatments, furnishings, art, accessories, and lighting. Riese Design is able to escort the client to showrooms and/or purchase from the manufacturer, having items shipped directly to the client's door.

Remote Design

A dream for DIY'ers, anyone working with a modest budget, or those who live out of traveling range for on-site services. Here, Riese Design will create a master plan that clients can implement on their own and in their own time. Digital photos of the space(s), along with a questionnaire and contact information, are required to schedule a consultation. Learn more about our Remote Design services.