Just because you might be too far away, doesn't mean Riese Design can't help. Let's get to work...via phone & web!

What is Remote Design?

Remote Design (RD) is an affordable option for those in need of services; and is usually best for DIY’ers and/ or those who live too far away for on-site services. This also helps clients tremendously who are working on a smaller-scaled project, and those who need assistance in pulling together materials where they might have trouble organizing on their own.

What is a Presentation Board?

A presentation board is a digital or physical board of the elements sourced for your project. This can include paint, fabric, hardware, furniture, accessories, etc. to provide you with a view of items pulled together on one page for your visual convenience!

Here, Riese Design can create a master plan that you, the client, can implement on your own time. All you have to do is call Riese Design to schedule a consultation! I will be there with you every step of the way, with answers to any questions and/or concerns that you may have.

What is the Remote Design Process?

First thing’s first – select a package below or call Riese Design. I can review each package with you (which starts as low as $199) to determine the package most suitable for your needs and goals. Once a package is selected, the Remote Design questionnaire will be emailed to you; it must be filled out and sent back, along with photos of your current space(s), as well as inspirational spaces you love, to provide an idea of your dream room(s). The custom design process will then begin. Depending on your package selection and budget, I will provide a floor/furniture plan drawing, presentation board, and a sourced list of items to purchase within your budget. In short, Riese Design takes care of the planning stage, and you take care of the implementation stage!

Select either "BASIC" or "DETAILED" below to view more options and information...


Basic Packages
from 199.00
Detailed Packages
from 299.00