RD Featured on The Container Store's Blog!

The Container Store was one of the wonderful vendors kind enough to contribute to NBC's George to the Rescue and when I decided that we would go ahead and use Denise's small guest room and convert it into a walk in closet, I knew right away that I would head over to TCS to see what could be done.

Once a layout was agreed upon with an ELFA consultant (we went to the drawing board a few times to get it perfect for Denise), installation was set up. This was key, because given the tight timeline we were on, there was no way I would have had time to install this. Yes, I could have done it myself, and yes another contractor could have installed it as well, but there was so much going on that I couldn't pull anyone away from what they were doing to do the closet. Not to mention, this is what these installers for TCS do everyday, so I knew it would get done right.

A huge thank you to everyone at The Container Store for all of your time, support and efforts. ELFA, you did me good!

So please, check out the article, it's a nice quick read - enjoy! https://www.containerstore.com/blog/posts/george-to-the-rescue-elfa-closet-makeover/