George to the Rescue on NBC - Round Two!

So here we are, a year and a half later and I was honored yet again by NBC to film another episode of their hit TV show George to the Rescue. I have never been more proud to say that I have been a part of something so great, so wonderful, so reviving. Nothing beats being surrounded by an awesome crew, contractors, tradespeople, and vendors alike with one common goal - to help a family. A place; a short span of time, a moment in life where everyone around you is anything but selfless. Where humanity reigns and faith is restored, this is one place I love to be.

In this episode, we meet Denise and Joseph Hayden - a mother with a heart of gold, and a little boy who is beyond magical. I wanted to hug Joseph within 5 minutes of meeting him, but I didn't want his mother to think I was a weirdo, you know? Listen, I'm a mother too. I get it. Instead, we dove into a realm of consultation questions and hit the ground running. In three weeks, we had the ideas of a very hard working team come to fruition. The surprise on Denise and Joseph's faces was priceless and the gratitude breathtaking. Tune in this Saturday 10/7/17 to watch the most adorable quaint little family you will ever meet. Sometimes "just the two of us" is all you need.