George To The Rescue on NBC

Back in November of 2015, I received a random phone call from someone claiming to be a supervising producer for NBC. Apparently, he saw my profile on Houzz, liked my work and thought I would be a great fit for an episode on a show he produces called George to the Rescue. Now in that moment I honestly thought he was playing a mean joke, but who doesn't want to believe a pitch like that?? He further explained the basis of the show, where the host, George, rescues families in need by surprising them with some sort of renovation relative to their need. 

The particular family he had me in mind for was a family nearby who had a little girl with Cerebral Palsy. As soon as I heard those two words (Cerebral Palsy), I was in. I have previous experience working with a gentleman who has CP and it really hit home for me and what better way for something to come full circle where I would have an opportunity to give back, relative to that disorder. After I googled this supervisor and checked that he was legit (tee hee hee), I agreed to meet him and his crew at the family's home. For the next two months, I buried my face and heart in this project, donating my services to execute a renovation for this family to allow them to function better in their home as this beautiful little girl grows up and develops, working towards her own independence.