Riese Design can transform your work environment into a place you love going everyday.


Following suit for residential design regarding the process, Riese Design gears commercial design towards a business environment, ensuring adherence to codes while also designing a work environment that ensures a fluid space optimal for productivity.

Scope of Work

Here, we will discuss budget, along with all of your W's – the who, what, where, when, and why. Who will be occupying the space and how many? What do you envision your dream workspace to look like? And so on. We will also discuss project management, as well as architect, engineer, and contractor selection to ensure every angle of your commercial project is covered.

Programming & Schematics

Data collection during this phase includes setting a move-in date, refining workflow for employees, and what type of equipment your business will require. We will also review preliminary floor plans, as well as samples of material and fabric to introduce the design phase.

Design & Purchasing

During this phase all floor plans and materials will be refined and finalized. Specifications of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) will be placed on order, keeping in line with your budget.

Construction Documents

If project management by Riese Design is not required, construction documents will be handed over to you for project execution by the contractor.

Project Management

Riese Design will efficiently ensure proper execution of construction documents by providing on-site visits and keeping open communication with respective tradespeople. Responsibilities include project coordination encompassing purchasing, scheduling, and tracking delivery of material, as well as managing schedule of work, sourcing furniture, appliances, and receiving estimates.