Chasity Torres-Centeno, Interior Designer

It came at a very young age, Chasity remembers sitting in her bedroom at 13 years old with a piece of looseleaf paper, she would draw a box (not the prettiest, either) to then mark where her windows, door and closet were - and take it from there. Her mother fell victim to 3am furniture arrangements only to wonder, "Why me?". However, she did not grow up with much exposure to art and, quite frankly, it intimidated her to a certain extent. Yet at the same time the world of art fascinated and intrigued her as she marveled at the beauty she saw in everything. An art teacher of hers once told her, "Art is lines. If you look at something, take notice of the lines. If you can make a line, you can make art." So where would she begin? How would she - or could she - communicate a vision? An emotion? A personality trait? Chasity realized that her real canvas came in a three dimensional environment. With this creative passion, she brings clients a realization of their most dreamed of spaces. 

Before something can look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it must work. Not just for one individual, but for every person using and occupying a space, and that's where Chasity comes in. Tying in both form and function is not as easy as it looks, as there is a lot of thought and detail along with an immense amount of consideration put into a project to be able to marry the two and come up with a cohesive design that seemingly evolved and has been curated over time. Your space should be your haven, the place you look forward to being in the most because it expresses exactly who you are. Chasity's goal is to provide just that. 

Chasity approaches each project – whether it's residential design, commercial design, home staging, or remote design – with a commitment to provide satisfaction and relay a level of trust with clients so that peace of mind comes ever so easily. Communication is key and it will be done with a sense of urgency whether it needs to be communicated on a napkin as a quick sketch, a formal drawing presented in AutoCAD, or a hand rendered design to bring an idea to life. With Chasity, she will understand individual tastes, styles, needs/wants, and likes/dislikes to bring forth a most satisfying design solution. You can rest assured the results Chasity delivers will be the results you expect.